Thursday, October 29, 2015

edith: 1 year old

age: 1 year old
stats: 21 lb. 2 oz. (71%), 29.72" tall (71%) and currently has 8 teeth
firsts: birthday, wedding, hotel stay
milestones: working on running and jumping
goings-on: Edith has been really into raw carrots, celery and snap peas, along with any other food item she can get her hands on lately. She has preferred time with me and gets quite upset when I have to leave for work (unless she is distracted by breakfast). Edith is also obsessed with my childhood cabbage patch doll and now enthusiastically says "doll!" if she can't find it. She is usually a really happy and opinionated girl and I can't believe she isn't technically a baby anymore...

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