Friday, October 2, 2015

edith: 49 weeks old

age: 49 weeks
stats: 12-18M clothes
firsts: Mitchell's ice cream 
milestones: getting better at walking each day
goings-on: getting this weekly photo is one of the most challenging obstacles I have ever faced as a parent since Edith wants to be everywhere and do everything except sit still. She has been deeply concerned by the living room project and spent the majority of the morning pointing to the torn-up walls and grunting "mm!?" - as if to ask us if we could also see the monstrosity she was witnessing. Edith eats more than Elden most meals. She loves that boy fiercely--when he takes his long afternoon nap and I ask her if she wants to go with me to get Elden she starts bouncing up and down and shrieking. She gets grouchy around dinner time but is otherwise usually quite happy during the day. 

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