Wednesday, October 21, 2015

edith jane: one year old

To our sweet baby girl,

On this day one year ago, you joined our family on the outside and have brought us such joy ever since. You are so sweet--especially when your beloved big brother is crying--but also so strong and independent. You know what you want and you are not afraid to demonstrate your displeasure if things do not go your way.

You have 8 teeth, your favorite foods are cuties and yogurt, and you are basically able to run. 

You make the funniest snorting/smiling face when you are excited and you are now developing the same love for books Elden has. Whenever you wake up before Elden you are so happy to go with us to get him when he wakes up. You are curious, brave, friendly, but at times reserved. You try to figure out how everything around you works, and I daresay we may have an engineer on our hands.

Your daddy and I are so beyond thrilled to call you our daughter. We love you always and forever.

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