Wednesday, November 11, 2015

happy birthday

Dear Jon,

Last night we stood in our kitchen eating peanut butter apples after the kids had gone to bed and reflected over our lives and how crazy it is that we are adulting.

You made me laugh in the same ways you did nine years ago when our story was just beginning.

I looked at you and the voice inside my head couldn't stop screaming how lucky I was. 
28 years ago you were born into a loving family. They helped you become the man you are. You work so hard to raise our babies and be an outstanding partner to me and I've gotta say--you are rocking it. 
I know I don't say it nearly enough: thank you. Thank you for continuing to say "yes" to loving us so well every day. Thank you for listening to Elden and asking him questions and for challenging him. Thank you for being an example for Edith of how a partner and father should be and for making her laugh the way you do.

We love you more than we could ever describe. Happy, happy birthday.

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