Tuesday, December 15, 2015

life lately

Lately we have been spending a whole lot of time scrambling to remember and keep up with our commitments. I have been working part time at night/on weekends from home doing quality & compliance documentation for a friend with a medical device startup. It has been so fulfilling (I miss the BME at my main gig) but also quite the time constraint. That being said, we really needed the money between paying off Jon's hernia surgery + car problems that it has been a total blessing. 

As you may expect, I'm finding myself spread thin. The living room still isn't done (need to finish caulking and painting and putting up a few more pieces of molding) but we have had to shift gears to organizing the basement as we got the kids a playhouse for Christmas and it had become the spot after the move where random boxes filled with junk we never use had gone to die.

We are making significant headway in tossing a whole lot of stuff and rearranging the stuff we want to keep. I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend.


This has been an odd season of life for us. Jon and I want more kids. We always envisioned a larger family. Now that we are nearing the age Elden was when I got pregnant with Edith we find ourselves trying to make decisions regarding how we grow our family. I never felt like Edith was my last pregnancy. I certainly didn't cherish it and I believed we would go on to have at least one more biological kid. But I have been feeling an ever-increasing pull towards foster-to-adopt lately so we are conflicted. No decisions have been made either way and as of last night we are reconsidering doing anything within the next several months since we are so uncertain.


We are hosting my family for Christmas this year and have started to really finalize the menu. I can't wait to share more once we have it nailed down!

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