Friday, December 11, 2015

ten on ten

I started yesterday with full intentions to do the Ten on Ten. However, I only snapped 9 photos that didn't have our friends' kids in them (Thursday nights we usually have small group). Since I didn't ask any of their parent's permission to share the photos I decided to make this a nine on ten.

{1} we got a new car. There was a big debacle last week regarding my tire shredding on the turnpike and me spending two hours waiting for roadside assistance and crying my eyes out while doing my darnedest to resist the cookies on my passenger seat. When we took it in to be looked at (concerns for my rim) they found a smattering of things that needed addressed. The repairs were approximately a few hundred less than the value of my car, and since it was a 2004, we decided it was time. I wanted to buy used but the dealership ended up offering us a ridiculously awesome lease on a 2016 Hyundai. We plan on buying it when the lease is up in three years and in the meantime I am overwhelmed by all the fancy pants features.

{2} I addressed Christmas cards and got them in the mail for today's pickup. Apologies if you don't get one--I tried my best but I have been so stressed lately that I know I inevitably forgot people.

{3} this one has a hard time understanding we can't (won't) buy him a toy or treat at every store we go to. We keep explaining that Santa is coming soon and he doesn't need gifts. I have even tried to explain to him how fortunate he is by way of pointing out some kids don't even have parents (I'm such a Deb) but it's not clicking. I'm seriously considering trying to find a place we can volunteer at with him to try to open his eyes to the many injustices of the world. But I also don't want to kill his childhood innocence. Any suggestions on making him less spoiled (seriously we have not been buying him things everywhere we go so I'm not sure why he feels so entitled) are welcome and appreciated.

{4} this girl. She has us laughing throughout the day and is into everything. She says no one second then yes the next but she doesn't mean it. She hasn't been eating much lately--doesn't even want new foods--and we think it's because she is cutting approximately 6-8 teeth right now. 

{5} this relationship is very much hot and cold. There are moments they are so sweet to each other and then moments where it's WW3 over some unnamed and usually ignored toy. Generally speaking, though, when one of them is upset (so long as the cause is not the sibling) the other is right there trying to make it better (Elden) or make sure we are paying attention to make it better (Edith). 

{6} as of this past weekend I am down 4.4 pounds on Weight Watchers! I know weight loss at that rate is not necessarily healthy nor sustainable and I expect it to level off to 1-2 pounds per week now that the water weight is seemingly gone. I have been so good about keeping up with this diet and a few of my pants already feel a bit better.

{7} this popped up on my timehop as 8 years ago. Disregard my abuse of filters. It's really hard for me to believe that at the end of next year Jon and I will have dated (unofficially) for a decade. Times were so much simpler!!

{8} at small group it was a Christmas pajama party for the littles. There was cookie decorating. This kid was quite happy. We got to see 90% of our people and it made our hearts swell. One thing I really love about our group is we all have relatively similar styles of parenting and we are all cool with other parents intervening and correcting our cherubs if they are doing something they shouldn't be/we don't notice. This really is a village and we are so grateful for it.

{9} the last time this happened is unknown. Edith definitely enjoyed herself at group!

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