Friday, January 22, 2016

five on friday

{1} Drugs: Because I haven't been healthy since November. This is my second round of antibiotics and first round of steroids. The good news is that my asthma is back to normal. The bad news is that I have about a day and a half left on these antibiotics and this sinus infection is still kicking my butt.

{2} Taxes: I am waiting on my final W2 to figure out what kind of shape we're in. If we get a tax refund I think we decided we are going to add ceiling lights to all of the bedrooms (they are very cave-like without them).
{3} Grapes: We are planning on planting a variety of apple trees in the front yard and grape varieties along a trellis next to the deck in the backyard this spring. For the grapes we picked out glenora, interlaken and block monukka. They each ripen at different points in the season (early, mid and late) so we are hoping to have homegrown grapes all summer long once they're established.

{4} Laundry Closet: Something we're daydreaming about is moving the laundry from the basement to the second floor where all the bedrooms are. We haven't worked out specifics yet and it's probably too expensive of a project for us to do any time soon, but it's fun to imagine!

{5} Quality Time: My mom took the week off work and took Edith for the day Wednesday and Elden for the day today. It worked out perfectly because on Wednesday Jon needed to take Elden to the dentist and today Edith has a well visit. Both kids love quality time with their grandparents!

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