Thursday, January 28, 2016

what's up wednesday

(one day late)

What we're eating this week: falafels, pizza, and soup - Elden has been devouring soup and it's about the only way we can get veggies in him so I keep making it.

What I'm reminiscing about: Chicago! The weather here felt very springlike the other day (40s, bright sun, no wind, birds were chirping) and for some reason that reminded me of the time Jon and I spent living there. I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have at the time (hindsight, blah blah blah) but some of my favorite memories in the city were walking around Lincoln Park and just checking out all the little shops and restaurants. It was so simple and nice to just spend that time exploring together without a care in the world. 

What I'm loving: my hair! I got a haircut last night and my head feels five pounds lighter. I'm trying to grow my hair out so that when I pull it back into a pony tail I don't have a bunch of pieces falling out of it and getting in my face. I tried a new salon and I loved the girl who cut it. I hope to go back but it ended up being more expensive than I anticipated so I will probably put it off for six months...

What we've been up to: cleaning and discussing all the updates we'd like to make on our house. 

What I'm dreading: still being sick. A coworker's daughter has something similar and apparently her doctor told her to expect to have it 8-10 weeks. Considering I'm on about week 7 I'm really hoping to be done soon.

What I'm working on: taxes. We're hoping to get a return that we can use on a few home improvement projects but I'm a bit anxious that we will end up with nothing back.

What I'm excited about: our summer vacation to Bethany Beach! I'm not the only one excited...

What I'm watching: right now the shows we try to catch when they air are New Girl, Scorpion, The Goldbergs, and Big Bang Theory.

What I'm reading: nothing... Unless blogs count.

What I'm listening to: I alternate between three stations on Pandora--The Cab Radio, Pvris Radio and Mayday Parade Radio. 

What I'm wearing: the same stuff I always wear. I have about six tops and three pairs of jeans I rotate through each week. It's partially because I don't have tons of cold weather clothes and partially because I don't have tons of clothes that fit me well. And I'm too cheap to buy myself more.

What I'm doing this weekend: not much! Maybe a play date Saturday and church Sunday but that's it. And I couldn't be more excited about doing nothing.

What I'm looking forward to next month: my sister is going on a medical missions trip in the spring so she and is putting on a fundraiser at a Cleveland bar. When you buy tickets you get unlimited well drinks/beer and all you can eat pizza, pasta and wings. I'm most excited about the food and there will also be a bunch of raffles. It will be fun to go and hangout and eat our faces off.

What else is new: not a whole lot. I've been super bad about my diet lately but it's so hard to remain compliant when I feel like junk.

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