Thursday, February 25, 2016


When we lived in Akron we were devoted members of the Akron Zoo. It was a smaller zoo with gorgeous exhibits and lots of hands-on fun for littler kids, and it was also only a 6-minute drive from our house. We went to the zoo probably 10-15 times per year on that membership as a result.

Since we moved, we decided to look into the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We knew we would likely go at least once this year and when we found out last Friday and Saturday would reach highs in the 50s and 60s, I decided to take Friday off work and take advantage of the unseasonably warm February weather. Knowing we would be going twice in one weekend--not including trips this spring, summer and fall--we went for it and bought a membership.

Friday was really windy and not so sunny, so we elected to do the Rainforest (it's a 3-story building with tons of exhibits and is all enclosed). We only stayed about an hour but the kids still enjoyed themselves. It was a surprisingly quiet day there which was really nice because they were able to roam at their leisure. And we only had one incident where a head nearly got stuck between some bars, so I'll count Friday as a 'win.'

On Saturday, we headed to the zoo with Jon's brother and his wife. The sunshine felt amazing and even though the morning started out *quite* rocky (Elden was hangry and Edith fell in a cold puddle), Elden became compliant after consuming a soft pretzel and Edith was content once I changed her into dry pants.
 ^pre-hanger meltdown
 ^post-pant replacement

I'm pretty sure the statue outside of monkey island was the fav of the trip:

We also went into the Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine for the first time ever. This was really cool - there was an owl outside the kids could look at and also a porcupine--which Elden even got to pet! Inside were tons of interactive exhibits for the kids to play with and I think this was the building that we spent the most time in. I never realized there were interactive exhibits in here so if you are local I highly recommend making sure you stop in this building when you're at the zoo.

Oh, my heart.
On our way up to the wolf exhibit (below), Elden spotted his favorite animal of the entire visit: a squirrel. Not even a fancy squirrel like the ones we saw in the Rainforest. Just your run of the mill Ohio squirrel. At least he's easy to please??
It was a glorious day and we ended up spending around 3 hours here on Saturday. Unfortunately it's cold again so we likely won't visit the zoo before April, but at least we can go to the Rainforest!

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