Wednesday, February 3, 2016

elden at 3.5 years and edith at 16 months

I've done a really lousy job of documenting what the kids have been up to--especially Edith--as they get older. Then I realized that today Elden turns 3.5 (!!) and I didn't do any monthly posts for Edith since she turned 1...and here we are.

Elden is 3.5 years old and as hilarious as ever. He is just shy of 3.5' tall (96%) and 39 pounds (90%). A lot of the time he loves Edith and playing with her, but he is definitely developing his independence and solo play as well. Right now Elden is obsessed with all things Power Rangers (he practically lives in his Gold Ranger costume) and Ninja Turtles, but he also loves anything to do with super heroes/pretend play. Elden is very sharp and still has a hard time controlling his anger and frustration, although we have seen a big improvement in his self control even from six months ago. He is a big cuddler when he wants to be and my favorite time with him is first thing in the morning when he crawls into bed with us for snuggles. Elden mostly refuses vegetables but has otherwise been a decent eater lately (at least he has been since we enforced a "you get what you ask for or you go hungry" rule). He definitely exhibits separation anxiety from us and this is a big topic we need to tackle re: preschool. Elden still has both tubes and as we near the 3 year mark of when he had them implanted we have to follow up with the ENT in May to discuss surgically removing them if they haven't fallen out by then.

Edith is 16 months old and can be quite serious. She is 22 lbs. 4.6 oz (66%) and almost 2'8" tall (86%). Edith's vocabulary is expanding by the day and she doesn't really walk anymore. Instead, she is always in a hurry and full-on runs between tasks. She is so stubborn and knows what she wants. A lot of the time, what Edith wants is for me to be holding her. Hands down, Marsala ("Yaya") is Edith's favorite family member. Edith's favorite hobby is looking out the front window and pointing/barking at all the dogs that walk past. She loves to play with a bowl and spoon and will happily sit and mix for a decent chunk of time. Edith has been very difficult in terms of meals lately and it's absolutely hit or miss whether she will eat. Her favorite foods at the moment are probably green beans and cheese. Edith is also a big snuggler--unless there is something new or exciting going on. She had her first ear infection recently and we aren't sure whether the antibiotics actually knocked it out so we will be keeping a close eye on that.

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