Thursday, February 11, 2016

ten on ten

A little preview into what a weekday looks like for me.

{1} I try to leave my house for work no later than 6:40 am. Sometimes I am gone by 6:30, most days it's more like 6:45. I typically would listen to Pandora on my way in while sipping my daily coffee, but lately I have been trying to make myself be present for a silent reflection/prayer time on my way into work. I've found that I do consistently better at remembering to pray and spend time with God when I work it into a routine, and the dark quiet drive into work is really conducive to that. 

{2} Every day during the week for breakfast I eat a Greek yogurt. I'm not a huge breakfast person (mostly because I'm not a morning person) so this gets the job done with minimal effort. I'm definitely a creature of habit.

 {3} Usually I pack my lunch and eat it at my desk while doing work. However, I usually do not have a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito bowl at the same time as needing to run to Aldi to buy Elden some Avenger's bedding... and Aldi/Chipotle are within a minute of each other. So on this day I went ahead and treated myself to a steak burrito bowl.

 {4} On the way home I usually rotate between Pvris, Mayday Parade and The Cab radio. Today Pvris won.

 {5} 95% of the time, two excited little faces greet me at the front window when I get home. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

 {6} We usually eat dinner between 4:15-4:45 because otherwise the kids want to snack and then won't eat dinner. Jon has decided to become a vegetarian so he was prepping some bean tacos. I made myself a turkey BLT and the kids ate a salami sandwich (Elden) and cheese with turkey bacon (Edith).

 {7} During dinner it started to snow pretty heavily. The kids were really excited and kept requesting to go out and play. It served as a good incentive to get them to eat.

 {8} Since we eat dinner early we usually have about an hour and a half to three hours before both kids are down for the night. Sometimes we go to the library or get groceries. Sometimes we play tickle monster or some other random game at home. Since it hardly snowed here this winter we decided to give the people what the wanted: snow play.

{9} Once the kids are down for the night I usually clean after the day. That almost always involves dishes, picking up toys and sweeping the kitchen.

{10} Once the cleaning is done Jon and I usually watch a little tv while I work my part-time job. The Goldbergs (one of our favorite shows) was new so we watched that. Nothing else really piqued my interest so I mostly ignored the tv once The Goldbergs was over and just focused on work. I usually try to head up around 9:45 to shower and go to sleep by 10:15.

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