Wednesday, March 9, 2016

boy clothing favorites

Yesterday a friend asked me where I buy most of Elden's clothes from and I quickly realized that we've found a few 'favorites' and have really stuck with those most of his life--just buying the next size up as he grows. Here are what we've found we love over the past 3.5 years:
1. Gap PJ's: I should note that we typically only buy Gap PJ's when we can find them on super clearance ($6 or less) at the store. We hit the jackpot this past season and got Elden the cutest robot and dinosaur ones, but he has since outgrown them and we haven't gotten so lucky in stores since. | 2. H&M Loose Jeans: WE LOVE THESE. Seriously, Elden has been wearing this style since he was 1 and every time he outgrows them we size up (and save his old ones for Edith). We love these because they are loose enough that he can freely play in them but they are nicer than sweats. Hands down, this is my top recommendation... especially for only $10. | 3. Power Rangers Underwear: Given his obsession with PR, this was a no-brainer. He told us he prefers the underwear "without legs" (he also has some Spiderman briefs) so when he outgrew his Minion underwear I picked these up from Target. | 4. H&M Shirt: We love H&M shirts because they are crazy soft. I will admit that I typically buy the kids' clothes a few seasons away so I can get them on deep discount and stash them for the right time. | 5. Target Sneakers: We have bought a variety of Velcro or slip-on shoes for Elden and these ones take the cake. They have been hands down the easiest for us and Elden to put on, so we will likely stick with this type until he can tie his own shoes. | 6. H&M Sweats: Again, we can't get enough H&M - they are seriously soft and when we go through the kids' clothes as they outgrow them we are sure to hang onto these for subsequent babes. | 7. Soft Shorts: During the warmer months, Elden usually sleeps in shorts and a t-shirt, not to mention the fact that he basically goes through 2-3 pairs of shorts during the day thanks to dirt and sweat. I've always preferred the shorter shorts because they aren't as warm, and as he gets older shorter shorts have become increasingly difficult to find. For the price, we usually stock up on these bad boys. | 8. H&M Socks: We LOVE H&M socks. They grow really well with Elden and are decent quality. The other type of socks we swear by we actually found on special buy at Aldi recently - they were ankle socks that were so soft and perfect we actually went back and bought more for Elden, as well as some for Edith. So if you ever see those at Aldi - snag 'em up. I think they were about $4 or $5 for 7 pairs. | 9. Crocs: I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it, but I am CHEAP. So I will only ever buy the kids name-brand Crocs if I can get them on steep discount. I did get him this pair a few months back for this summer for I think $12. He basically lives in sandals like these during the summer because he hates when his feet get sweaty. An added bonus? He can slide these on himself!

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