Thursday, March 10, 2016

girl clothing favorites

...because I knew you just couldn't wait for a sequel after reading yesterday's post.
1. Target Sandals: At this age, we prefer these types of sandals over the Croc-like types because they offer Edith more traction when wet and they do a really good job of staying on her feet while letting those little toes breathe. | 2. H&M Tees: Super soft, lightweight and durable. Couldn't love these more. | 3. Fleece Leggings: These are perfect for Ohio winters. My mom bought Edith her first pair of fleece leggings and I've already snatched a few up on deep clearance for next season.  | 4. Shorts: Love these for the same reasons we love Elden's shorts. | 5. Zara Drawstring Trousers: I got these bad boys for $5.99 during their annual clearance sale and they are so warm and soft. Will definitely stock up the next time they go on clearance. | 6. H&M Joggers: Lightweight for spring and fall and allow free movement. Definitely recommend.  | 7. Tanks: Love these for summer and they are so affordable! | 8. 3-in-1 Children's Place Coat: I cannot sing the praises of this coat enough. When combined, it's more than sufficient for an Ohio winter. The shell is perfect for spring and fall and so is the fleece portion of it. We bought two of these--one in 2T and one in 3T--for the next few winters. | 9. Romper: I admittedly haven't bought any of these yet... but they are just so cute that I know it's a matter of time (and that I will likely love it).

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