Friday, April 15, 2016

five on friday (new baby edition)

In total third child form, we are not doing/buying much for this baby. It helps that Edith is going to move into the playroom so we can keep the nursery exactly the same and that we have most of the furniture already for her big girl room (with the exception of a new mattress/box spring and end table). In any case, these are the main things we plan on buying for Baby Turkey:

{1} White noise machine. These suckers have been our saving grace with the kids, so we will be buying BT his or her own.

{2} Video monitor. When you are downstairs you can't hear the kids calling for you or crying. Elden is 3.5 and we still have an audio monitor in his room so we can hear him when he calls for us at night. Therefore, we need to add a third monitor to our nightstands! We LOVE the video monitor so we plan on doing this again.

{3} Take-home outfit. We actually already bought one on sale for $9.99 from H&M that will be perfect for a little boy or girl! It is similar to this outfit except it is fuzzy, taupe-colored and the ears look like bear ears.

{4} Diono Radian RXT car seat. I have raved about this car seat before and both of the kids are currently in them. We still have the infant bucket seat that we use pretty much until our kids stop sleeping consistently in the car (since a bucket seat allows you to click them in and out without waking them up), but once BT graduates from the infant seat we will be purchasing a third Radian.

{5} Bottles, pacifiers and a few new clothing items. Jon and I decided to toss all of our existing pacifiers and bottles once we have Edith fully weaned off them to buy new. Our bottles are pretty beat up (they were cheap considering both kids preferred them over the fancy bottles, so no big loss there) and both the kids preferred different types of pacifiers, so we are going to buy BT some new ones. While we have several tubs of both boy and girl clothes, we will also be purchasing the baby some new staples. We both love the side snap bodysuits so I plan on buying a few of those.

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