Monday, April 4, 2016

here (barely)

I am in my ninth week of pregnancy, and similar to the others, feel like I am on death's door.

The fatigue is unreal - I have been napping almost every day and going to bed as soon as Elden is down for the night (re: 8 pm). I am barely able to eat and I am sore (and I'm sure my poor diet is also contributing to the fatigue).

So basically, it's been survival mode in our house. The house itself is a disaster, although Jon has really stepped up and pulled my weight. Elden keeps why the baby is making me so sick and I'm a little concerned he is building up some resentment towards his unborn sibling as a result. We go this week for the dating ultrasound to make sure the baby is indeed in my uterus and not a tube, as well as to look for appropriate growth and heartbeat. Also, to confirm there is only 1 (please, sweet Jesus, let there just be 1). We hope that everything is growing as expected and we hear a strong heartbeat, and given my current symptoms I am optimistic that this will be the case, but we welcome your prayers on our behalf.

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