Saturday, April 16, 2016

remembering phoenix

A little over 9 years ago, Jon and his dad packed up his BMW to make the two-day drive to Phoenix so Jon could become an audio engineer. We had only been "officially" dating for about a month at that point and as they drove away I wasn't sure what to expect. I was confident that we would survive (it was just a 10-month program and he would be joining me in Chicago in November) but I was also nervous about what the future would look like.

Over the next 10 months I was able to visit Phoenix twice and Jon came home for my high school graduation party. When I visited him, it was our first real experience of adulthood--he had an apartment and had to fend for himself. While he was in class four hours a day, I would sit in his 85-degree apartment (that was with the AC on... I made it a point to remind him 500 times a day that 85 is NOT air conditioning) and picture what our lives would look like once we had both graduated. Before his class was over, I would usually cook dinner for us so that it was ready when he got home.
first visit: May 2007, right after getting my Associate of Science
Some of the best memories of our relationship are from these times in Arizona. I've been really sentimental about it lately--something about how carefree we were just really speaks to me (two and a half kids will do that to you). With the exception of one whirlwind trip to San Diego to go to the zoo (which involved a super weird alien town along the Arizona/Mexico border; Jon freaking out thinking he had taken a wrong turn and we were about to enter Mexico; the most insane stars you'll ever experience in your life; the fact that Jon's car broke down and his cousin had to rescue us and fix it so we could get back to Phoenix in time for his next class) we really didn't do much. We ate at a few restaurants. Went to the Chandler mall. Bought a box fan at Walmart because I thought I might actually have a heat stroke. But we were together, and at 18-years-old that was all we really needed. For four or five days, it was pretty much just us since that was B.S. (Before Smartphones). We watched tv, laughed over stupid things, and just spent wonderful, uninterrupted time together. It was always so hard to leave at the end of the week, but it was also easier knowing it wasn't going to be a multi-year separation.
second visit: over my fall break, October 2007
We daydream about going back and visiting. Actually, it's mostly Jon who daydreams because I wasn't particularly fond of Arizona. Too hot. But Phoenix was so good to us and I am so glad that we got to spend so much time together before we ever got engaged or married. I got to experience the wonders of Jack in the Box, try my first Sonic slush, and laugh with the one person who has truly ever 'gotten' me. I'm the luckiest.

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