Wednesday, May 11, 2016

baby turkey: second trimester

This pregnancy has not been kind to me.

Around week 9 I finally caved and started taking Diclegis. I had put it off because it is basically just Unisom/B6 combined, which is what they told me to take with Elden and it didn't work for me at all. I figured why medicate myself for no reason? Plus, I was at week 9! Surely the morning sickness would start getting better soon, right??


And it mostly worked! The first two and a half days I had some less than pleasant GI-related side effects, but on the third day I skipped it not wanting to deal with the GI stuff and I thought I might actually die. So back on it I went!

And I am so glad.

It wasn't a cure-all. By about 3 pm every day I was back to cursing all things food-related, but I was at least able to eat breakfast and usually lunch. Today I am 14 weeks + 2 days and it seems as though the second trimester has brought some nausea relief! I am currently knocking on all the things as I thought this was true around 12 weeks.. but then I reached a new low for about a week and a half. Here's to hoping it sticks this time. I even skipped the diclegis last night to see how I would be today and so far so good.

As for other symptoms, my sleep has actually been awesome. I attribute this to the fact that I am so exhausted. I can still fit into a few pairs of my regular jeans assuming I use a hair tie to keep them closed (haha). This is largely attributed to the fact that as of my last prenatal checkup I was still down 6 pounds from where I was when I got pregnant (which was more than what I wanted to be anyway). My complexion isn't bad. Pregnancy brain is real. I asked a coworker the other day if sunflower seeds grow on trees. Spoiler alert! They grow on sunflowers.

As for the baby's sex, I am still 100% clueless. Jon thinks it's a girl. We still don't have name contenders. It's hopeless. Send help.

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