Tuesday, May 24, 2016

best buddies

These two. They are at an age where they regularly play together now and it makes me so happy. Elden is constantly yelling for Edith to join him in whatever activity he's enthralled with and she is definitely a willing participant. 

That's not to say it's all rainbows and butterflies. Elden's favorite toy is whatever toy Edith happens to be playing with at that moment. Edith has a really hard time sharing my affection with Elden. Given their ages, they are pretty decent at sharing, but it's not without its share of theatrics (both), temper tantrums (Edith), and fake crying (Elden). 

But when they do play together well, they play together so well. If Elden gets hurt, Edith is right there rubbing his back in an attempt to console him. If Edith is doing something she shouldn't be and we raise our voice at her, Elden defiantly tells us, "don't yell at my sister!"

One thing I've done (at the advice of another blogger) is I always tell the kids that they are each other's best friend. The goal is that if I say it enough they will believe it to be so and act accordingly. So far it's either dumb luck or it's working. Plus, part of the reason I wanted to try to have our kids closer in age was because I wanted them to be playmates.I know age doesn't guarantee that and I am so glad our kids love each other so well. 

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