Tuesday, May 31, 2016

edith at 19 months

Edith is now 19 months old - closer to 2 than 1 - and I wanted to do a little post to document what she's been up to.
Edith's favorite things in the world are: Elden, cats, dogs, and babies. She is certain to perk up at the sight of any of these things. She scrambles to keep up with and do exactly as her beloved brother is doing. This includes running, screaming, jumping, and making silly faces. Edith is in a toddler bed and does really well with it, and we also recently weaned her off her bottle. We still have to take away her pacifier but we are waiting until after our vacation in June to do so. When it comes to eating, Edith is definitely finicky. She does not enjoy peanut butter or other typical childhood favorites, but she will devour cucumber salad (cucumber, dill, salt, red wine vinegar, and olive oil) and goat cheese. Edith loves her dad a whole lot, but when I am home she is usually attached to me in some capacity. Leaving for work is always challenging because she gets very upset. We recently discovered that she does not appreciate it when I hold any child that is not her. It is least severe with Elden but she absolutely puts on quite the production when it's with someone unrelated to her. Edith is now talking a lot and speaks in sentences occasionally ("I want it" is her most used phrase). Discipline is difficult with her since she is too little to understand most options and she enjoys time out so much that she often puts herself there during the day. Edith has been testing us more lately but also has her super sweet moments. She LOVES matching pajamas and new clothes and will run straight to the full-length mirror in our closet to see herself (she often exclaims, "cute!" when she does) when she dons them. Edith is definitely a spitfire and more independent than Elden was at this age and it is so fun to see her personality and how she differs from her brother.

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