Monday, May 9, 2016

mother's day and threes

They say bad things come in threes. This Mother's Day weekend, this held true for us.

On Friday evening, I was walking out to check the mail with Edith on my hip when I heard Elden come running out of the house after us. Within four seconds, I heard the telltale thump of skull meeting concrete. If you've been unfortunate enough to experience this personally or through a loved one, you know the terrified sinking feeling you get as you turn to assess the situation.

By the time I had turned Elden was rolling to his back onto the grass, right next to our driveway. He was letting out such an intense cry-scream that no sound actually left his lips. Luckily for me, the front door hadn't closed all the way behind him so I screamed for Jon, who was outside quickly. We went inside to determine how bad it was--he had managed to skin one of his toes, his knee, and he had a scrape under his right eye. It wasn't until a few minutes later (when Elden is hurt he refuses to answer any questions we have) that Jon swept back his bangs and saw this sucker:
On the bright side (look at me being all glass half full), Elden has had his fair share of head injuries in his short three and a half years, so we are quite familiar with concussion protocol. No loss of consciousness, the bump extended away from his head instead of being indented, he wasn't sleepy, his pupils responded normally to light, and his refusal to spell his name (see: does not answer questions when hurt) meant we were safe to watch and wait. I was actually most concerned about his knee because he refused to put any weight on it the first hour or so after it happened and the one time he did stand up he was immediately brought to tears. In an effort to determine if we needed to get his knee checked out, I took him to the mall for ice cream and to run around in the play area. It took about five minutes in the play area and some coaxing but he was quickly bolting around and playing. That night we woke him up around 10 pm to make sure he stirred relatively easily (he did). Elden ended up sleeping past 7 am the next day which is really uncharacteristic of him, but when I went in to check on him he was playful and himself. 

Later on Saturday, Jon went out on the deck while the kids were in the living room. Edith wanted to go outside too, so she opened the back door. Elden--being the little dad he constantly is to her--immediately told her no and shut the door. Unfortunately for all of us, Edith's fingers were in the way. Fortunately, Elden apparently didn't slam it with enough fury to break the skin or cause bruising, but Edith was screaming and in my frantic effort to get him to release the door (since he couldn't get it to shut he was holding it closed) I ran in from the kitchen screaming, "let go! let go! let go!" (yes, I see how that may not have clearly conveyed the action my toddler needed to take now... I do really well under pressure) so we ended up with two very upset children for about ten minutes. 

Suffice to say, I braced myself HARD on Sunday. I actually assumed the 'three' was the two hours I spent camped out next to the toilet Saturday night, convinced I had a stomach ulcer or just needed to vomit lots and lots of vomit, but alas...while playing in the backyard Sunday evening Elden nailed me with a plastic t-ball line drive to the forehead. It definitely stung, but I am thankful it was merely a plastic ball.

And that is the story of how our family miraculously avoided an emergency room on Mother's Day weekend 2016.


Other than the series of unfortunate injuries, we had a lovely Mother's Day. Jon made me chocolate pancakes for breakfast, the kids woke me up with a gift bag filled with stuff for a movie night in, I went grocery shopping AND prepped slow cooker minestrone for the week/beef kebabs without anyone else present and I gotta say...I forgot what that was like. Usually when I am home Edith is attached to my person in some capacity and generally unhappy (or Jon gives me 'tips' on how to do things in the kitchen more efficiently or just different flavors to try... I'm sure you can guess my enthusiasm about this) so to be able to work in the kitchen without distraction was a serious gift. Jon worked on migrating stored boxes from the chaos in our basement to our new ceiling-mounted storage rack in the garage--something that is high on our 'to do' list pre-baby. Dinner (kebabs and grilled corn on the cob) was probably the first meal I've been able to thoroughly enjoy for the past ten weeks and we rounded the evening out with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt--where mine was free. When we got home we were able to play outside for a decent amount of time while running in and out to watch the Cavs win (barely). It was a blissfully restful day. 

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