Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ways we save money

Since we are soon to be a family of 5 on just one income, we try to pinch pennies where ever possible. I have discovered a few apps lately that have made this even easier for us, so I thought I would share what we do:

1. Paribus: This is an app that you link up to your email account. Whenever you shop online at a retailer that has a price match money back guarantee, Paribus tracks those purchases (by scanning the receipts you are emailed from said retailers) for the eligibility period. If the price decreases during the eligibility period, Paribus will file a claim with the retailer automatically on your behalf. Each month, Paribus then takes a commission of the refunds you make. You start off at a 25% commission, but with each referral you get that decreases by 5% until you ultimately don't pay them any commission. I have been using it for two weeks and I have already been refunded $10 by Target for three different items. If you're like me, you never really tracked this stuff anyway, so even if they take 25% that is still 75% back in your pocket. I love that I literally do nothing (except shop) and get paid for it!

2. Ibotta: Ibotta is an app that you download on your phone that essentially acts as a coupon clipper. Before you shop at a qualified retailer (think Target, Costco, etc.) you can search the app for any coupons they have. When I signed up they had a $5 off Luvs diapers coupon that we used twice before it disappeared. The coupons range from beauty products to groceries to baby items. Some of the coupons are generic ($0.50 back for any gallon of milk, eggs, bread, etc.) while some are specific. You add the coupons to your dashboard, shop, then upload a picture of your receipt to get account credit. In the case of some stores with rewards cards (our grocery store Giant Eagle has that), you don't even need to upload a receipt because if you link your Ibotta account to your rewards card the info transfers automatically. We LOVE this app because of the range of coupons--when we used apps like Checkout 51 (see below) most of the items were brand name groceries that we just never really bought. Since Ibotta covers things like diapers we get a huge value from it. If you sign up using my referral link you will get $10 automatically credited to your account with your first verified purchase. We have so far earned $27 back using Ibotta (and I've only been using it about a month).

3. Checkout 51: This is an app similar to Ibotta, although in our experience it isn't as great as Ibotta. This is mostly due to the fact that it is primarily groceries and we mostly shop at Aldi for groceries, so we just don't buy the stuff you get rebates for. It's worth checking out, though, as each week you can get $0.25 back for miscellaneous produce. It took us about a year of only semi-committed use to earn $20 back.

4. ThredUp: I've talked about ThredUp before, but it is an online consignment retailer. You can buy name brand, like new clothing from ThredUp for a fraction of the price you'd pay retail. We get a lot of the kids' clothes from here and I've also purchased maternity items. One way you can make money on it is to send them a clean out bag for free with clothes you (or your children who grow like weeds) don't want or need anymore. You can either cash out or use it as an account credit to turn around and buy more clothes. If you use my referral link you automatically get $10 to spend at ThredUp to try it out.

These are just little things that we do, but it definitely has added up already. I definitely recommend checking them out!

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  1. Love all these! I just sent a bag of clothes to Thredup made $43 and used it to but clothes for Norah!