Friday, June 3, 2016

baby turkey: 17.5 weeks

In just two and a half weeks this pregnancy will be about halfway over and I really can't believe it. I'm sure it's a combination of being busy with two jobs and preoccupied with the kids, but this pregnancy is going really fast. 

This morning as I laid in bed at 5 am with insomnia, I changed positions and rolled from my left side to my back. BT was not a fan of this and started kicking frantically. I decided to put my hand over where I was feeling the kicks and sure enough--you could feel it on the outside. I think this is about when I could feel Elden outside. I've definitely been feeling this baby for a few weeks now but the movements are either much more subtle or I'm just not paying as close attention as I did with the other two. In any case, I'm hoping the laid back movements indicate a mellow baby!

As far as movements--the timeline is similar to it was with Elden, although with my anterior placenta with Edith I'm not sure whether that is any sort of gender hint. My fatigue and nausea are almost entirely gone, and I have had a few heartburn spells but luckily nothing crazy (yet). My sleep is getting slightly worse at night but I think it's more because my mind is constantly racing with our upcoming vacation than pregnancy-related.

We haven't really done anything to prepare for this baby yet. We did get a like new Mamaroo off Craigslist for 60% of the retail price so I was pretty happy about that, but we should probably get a move on Edith's big girl room so we can phase her in since the baby will be taking the nursery. And we have a girl name contender! I don't want to share it just yet because Jon is very much "it's our top pick right now" even though it's one of the names I've been pushing for from the start. In any case, the big anatomical ultrasound is in just three weeks and this is starting to become more real for me. 

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