Wednesday, June 22, 2016

baby turkey: anatomical ultrasound

So first and foremost: no, we did not find out what we are having. After seeing the baby, I still have no particular inclination one way or another as to what this one is. However, the baby's head size is smaller (less than the 40th percentile) so I am leaning a bit more towards girl since Edith was definitely the smaller head of the two.
Holding onto the foot
I am relieved to report that baby looks 100% healthy and is developing right on track. The estimated weight was 12 ounces. The placenta is posterior and my cervix is nice and long so that significantly reduces my odds for pre-term labor. Based on the anatomy they were able to see, everything looks normal so they don't expect any major surprises once baby arrives. BT was all curled into a ball with his/her hands and feet by the face the majority of the scan. BT was also playing with his/her feet and kept putting one hand by the side of its face. Heart rate was in the low 160's. We shouldn't get another ultrasound until near the end to check my fluid levels, so it was nice to get a little preview of what's to come in about 20 weeks!

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