Thursday, June 23, 2016

vaca 2016: bethany beach, delaware

first time seeing the ocean!
We got back from our first major vacation as a family of four this past Friday and it was absolute perfection. Both mine and Jon's parents rented this house with us in Bear Trap Dunes. We left on Friday, June 10th and drove just outside of Washington, D.C., to stay with one of my second families for the night and catch up. This served two purposes: to see the Terrell's and to give the kids a little break from driving. On the way to D.C. we stopped about once an hour and Edith only napped approximately 10 minutes that day. In her defense, we were the ones who stupidly woke her up for lunch thinking she'd doze off again afterwards. Nope. Big mistake. Hashtag never again. Elden's highlight out was a mountain tunnel in Pennsylvania. Luckily, we had bought a light-up dinosaur wand for each of them along with glowsticks so that was the best happy accident ever. The best move we made on the way out was stopping at the outlets in Hagerstown for about an hour. There was a playground and a toy store so the kids were able to get quite a few wiggles out to finish the drive.
the ocean never got old
After a much too short visit in D.C. (that was beyond wonderful and perfect and we are so grateful for the hospitality of the Terrell's) we hit the road for the final three hours and arrived at the house a little bit early. Thankfully it was ready so we were able to go in and get settled. My parents arrived a bit later--right after we had ordered pizza for delivery since the thought of putting the kids back in the car that night was horrifying--and Jon's parents a few hours after that.
eating strawberries as he picked them
Elden had his own room, along with my parents and Jon's parents. We originally planned on attempting to let the kids bunk together but that idea just did not seem wise upon arrival so we actually took the twin mattress from Edith's proposed bed and put it in the walk-in closet in our room.
daredevil at funland
Don't hate. This wasn't a Harry Potter situation. It was quite spacious and even had a light and an AC duct so it was really cozy for her.
first snow cone
she loved it too
The rest of the week we went to the beach (the community had a shuttle that did drop-offs and pick-ups which was awesome), swam in one of the community pools, walked the boardwalk, went strawberry picking, and drove up to Rehoboth to check out Funland and the outlets. Our kids are definitely fans of the beach and ocean. Edith could play in the sand for hours and Elden loved the waves. Funland was also a huge hit. The strawberries were the best we've ever had and my mom made two pies which were quickly devoured. We all took turns cooking--Jon's mom brought a bunch of food and my mom made some once we arrived--so we only ate out once for breakfast, once for lunch and once for dinner while we were there. That definitely helped the budget! Elden was able to stand in the shallow end of the community pool and he suddenly got quite daring with holding his breath under water. We made so many wonderful memories and it was very restful... and absolutely helpful having our parents there to help us out.
sand fiends
brave water boy
i love him a lot
the only decent photo of all four of us from the week
We left a day early, on Friday, because the weather was supposed to be stormy all day and miraculously pulled off the drive only stopping three times. The kids were rockstars in the car and Edith took a 1.5 hour nap. I'll write a post with tips about traveling with two toddlers because we learned a lot from this one. We are so glad we got to do this and Jon--resident ocean/beach hater--even mentioned returning to the east coast for subsequent vacations because he enjoyed it so much. 

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