Wednesday, June 8, 2016

wedding registry: dreaming

Since wedding season is upon us and we just celebrated our sixth anniversary of wedded bliss, I thought it might be fun to put together a collage of items I would register for again (including a few "never would I expect to get this in a million years" items). Some of these are items we actually registered for and use way more frequently than I ever would have thought, some are things we have acquired over the years, and then a couple are my dream items.

(from top left - clockwise)

Restaurant-Quality Gas Range: This is something I would never expect someone to purchase for us and is for sure a "dream" item. We cook a LOT, and our kids have also begun to really show an interest in cooking. In the old house we had gas, but in this house we currently only have electric. And let me tell you: electric stoves are the bane of my existence. It takes way longer to heat the burner, the burner is constantly switching between on and off, and everything seems to stick to our pots and pans. I HATE it. We have dreams to eventually redo our kitchen and get a gas hookup, but right now that is just not an option financially. Since we did our last kitchen remodel for less than $10,000 including all brand new appliances, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that one day I could own a BlueStar gas range. But for now this remains on my grown-up wishlist.

Greenhouse: This is another item that I hope to one day (probably post-retirement) own. We do a lot of gardening. Unfortunately, northeast Ohio weather is pretty unpredictable and temperamental (it is currently 50 degrees out with our high reaching the mid-60s today) and as a result a lot of my plants don't always grow. I love growing my own fruit and veggies so if I could have a greenhouse that would encourage growth while also giving me a little oasis in my backyard, I would be all over that.

Pots and Pans: Having come from the young and single lifestyle, most of our pots and pans were hand-me-downs from our parents or thrift store/cheap Target buys. We registered and received an incredibly nice pots and pans set that we still use and is in pretty good condition six years later.

Griddle: This is something I scoffed at when Jon wanted to buy it a few years back. Our children are homemade pancake fiends. We have pancakes anywhere from 1-3 times per week. Our griddle is definitely well-loved.

Pressure Cooker: This was something we acquired on an Aldi special buy and I highly doubted we would ever use it. Jon uses it frequently - it's how we make all of our rice, which we eat a lot of, as well as our broth. I'm pretty sure we paid less than $40 for it and it has done great--despite me repeatedly dropping the lid on our kitchen floor.

Bed Linens: Jon and I were young when we got married--22 and 21, respectively. We didn't really have grown up bedding and so we registered for a bedding set. We only recently had to get rid of it because it was all worn out and starting to fall apart. A nice bedding set is a must in my book!

What are your must-have items that you received from a wedding or bought on your own and now you can't imagine living without?

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