Friday, July 8, 2016

five on friday: edith's new room

We've been hard at work in Edith's room this week and it is definitely coming together!

{1} Painted! The way we chose the paint colors for the kids' rooms is Jon and I picked out a bunch of colors that we liked. We then let the kids go through and pick 2 each--1 accent wall and 1 for the remaining walls. Edith chose pink. Both of her colors are Sherwin Williams. The accent wall is Memorable Rose and the rest of the room is Charming Pink. We finished painting her room last night so now all that's left from a pre-decoration perspective is shampooing the carpet.

{image source}
{2} Curtains: I have a whole box of curtains we've accumulated through the years but none of them really went with the colors she chose. We found these for pretty cheap on Amazon. They are not nearly as green as in this picture--much more of a baby blue--but her flamingo comforter has lots of light blue in it so we will work with it.

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{3} Curtain Rod: Almost all of the curtain rods we owned were cheap ones from IKEA that I DIY'ed, and they all stayed with our old house when we sold it. We needed a new one for her room and this fit the bill nicely. 

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{4} Mattress Protectors: Since Edith has slowly started to potty train herself and we are investing in a new full size mattress for her room, we decided to buy the mattress protectors while we have some wiggle room in our budget. We have these for Elden's bed and they have done an amazing job in keeping his mattress accident free, so we decided to buy two full-sized one for Edith's room. I love them because a) they are half the price of the ones at the mattress store, b) they are quite breathable and not plasticky at all, and c) they do exactly what they are supposed to. I recommend buying two so that you have one on hand to put on the bed right away in the middle of the night. Elden has never had two accidents in one night but I don't want to take any chances with either of the kids' mattresses!

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{5} Bed Rail: We actually bought two of these before we left for vacation--one for each of the kids' beds--knowing that we would need two for Edith's new bed. They are compact but sturdy and I will sleep soundly knowing she won't fall out of her new bed in the middle of the night.

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