Friday, July 22, 2016

six on friday: baby turkey catch up

I just realized that I never did blog about Baby Turkey's anatomical ultrasound! Poor third child. As such...

pic taken about a week ago
{1} 24.5 Weeks: As of today I am less than a month out from my third trimester. My sleep has definitely deteriorated but this is compounded by the fact that Elden is waking up multiple times per night (which I then use the opportunity to go to the bathroom). However, since I had such great sleep the first half of this pregnancy I'm not complaining. My lower back is starting to bother me and so is my pelvis, but again, not as bad as with Edith so I won't complain too much (yet). Baby is active and I keep seeing the kicks from the outside.

{2} Pityriasis Rosea: About a week before we left for vacation I noticed a large discolored spot on my right thigh. I didn't lend much thought to it--pregnancy does weird things to your body. However, it didn't go away and then a lot of smaller spots ended up showing up a few weeks later across the front and back of my torso. They were itchy. The NP at my OB's office wasn't sure what it was but afraid it might be PUPPP and did a lot of bloodwork to rule that out. That wasn't it, so I ended up going to a dermatologist for my diagnosis. I was somewhere around 16 weeks when the first spot appeared so I have a call into my OB to make sure I don't need to be worried about complications for the baby since the literature is mixed about whether this puts me at risk for pre-term labor, a baby with hypotonia at birth, etc.

{3} GD Test: Today I have my 1-hour gestational diabetes test. I will not make the same mistake I made last year and eat a large slice of red velvet cake 2 hours beforehand (totally worth it tbh). I've also scheduled my Rhogam and pertussis shots for August. Things are starting to move right along.

{4} Big brother and sister: Lest you think I have lost track of my elder children in the excitement of new baby, fear not! Elden and Edith have been talking more about the baby lately. Elden is especially excited--every night when I lay with him he says to me, "let's talk about the new baby!" He wants to know how small it will be, what it will do, etc. He says he thinks it is a boy and we will name him Cutie, but if it is a girl we should name her Ida. I'm not sure how much Edith really understands (or cares, frankly) at this point but the good news is she hasn't had a total meltdown the past 2-3 times I've held other people's babies and she claims she will give up her pacifier for the new baby. Time will tell...

{5} The weather: I have to admit, we have had quite a few unseasonably cool days. But I'm noticing a trend where I get pregnant and then it becomes the hottest summer in a decade and stuff. When I logged in to check the weather this morning and was met with this blazing headline I was not happy. Suffice to say, this just adds fuel to the no-more-bio-babies-for-us fire.

{6} Baby Turkey's Ultrasound!: Baby was measuring right on track--to the exact date and everything. We don't know the sex but I've been thinking girl and Jon is thinking boy as of last night. Baby was all curled up in a ball with the feet by the face--just like Edith was in her big ultrasound. It also kept playing with its feet (the top pic is it holding its toes with both hands). The head measured somewhere in the 40th percentile (praise the Lord!) and as far as they could tell everything was sound from an anatomical perspective. The latest my OB will let me go is 41 weeks, so hopefully we have a baby to take home no later than November 15!

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