Thursday, July 7, 2016

summer haps

Coming back from vacation we have had very few plans. That was the Big Event of 2016 and while it was amazing it's equally amazing to have no plans at all so that we can just do whatever feels right. Especially if whatever feels right is a whole lot of nothing. So far, our summer has included a whole lot of:

-working on preparing the house for baby. This means getting Edith's big girl room painted and buying necessary furniture/mattress to move her from the nursery. She chose a pink flamingo theme.

-playing in the sprinkler, splash pad and backyard.
-going to the playground.
-going to parades.
-lounging around the house and trying to relax/enjoy the slower pace of life before baby comes. 

We also have my company's Cedar Point trip on the agenda, the kids are in swim class once a week, and our town has its home days in a few weeks so we plan on going to that one night. We go to the library, window shop at Target, and cuddle in to watch TV. I have definitely been soaking up every moment of this summer and I think this has been the best one yet.

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