Monday, August 15, 2016

baby turkey: 3rd trimester!

Today marks 28 weeks of what is planned to be my last pregnancy.
So far I feel pretty good. After discussing the pityriasis rosea with my doctor, he said he wasn't particularly concerned about the preterm labor risks that an Italian study linked to the rash, but that I should definitely take any possible early labor signs seriously (as if I wouldn't regardless, ha!). I have my next appointment with him in a month and then I switch to biweekly visits. I can't believe it!

I am now averaging 1-3 bathroom trips per night and just generally finding it hard to get comfortable in bed. I have gained approximately 16.8 pounds since I got pregnant and while I panicked at first (there are still 12 weeks to go, after all...) the Googs has since told me that's okay. The dreaded Charley Horse has returned and I had one in each calf the other morning. My lower back is probably hurting more than my pelvis and I am quickly realizing I need to be less physically demanding with myself--we painted Elden's room on Saturday and I am still paying for it.

I got my whooping cough vaccine on Friday and tomorrow I go for my Rhogam. I passed my GD test so that's not a concern. I need to begin my kick counts but this baby is active enough that I'm not sure how strict I need to be with the numerical counting unless I notice a sudden decrease in movement. I don't know if it's the fact that I am trying to savor this pregnancy more knowing it is likely my last or if this is generally an easier pregnancy than with Elden and definitely Edith at this point, but I am grateful that I am not hurting too much yet. 

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