Tuesday, August 2, 2016

baby turkey: boy name

Yesterday I shared our girl name for Baby Turkey. For our boy name, we had similar requirements. We knew we wanted it to start with an 'e,' try to keep the first name short, and I didn't want it to be popular. I also knew that we wanted to pay homage to my dad (Elden's middle name is Jon's dad's first name; Edith's middle name is my mom's middle name, BT's name if it is a girl was chosen so it would sound similar to Jon's mom's name).

Even since I was pregnant with Elden, my first choice for a boy name was Ender. Jon could never get on board with that ("Ender isn't even a real name" to which I say LIES--my whole blog is based on a quote from that book). He kept choosing totally whack names that I just hated. The boy name was the big struggle for us because I just wasn't crazy about any boy name I encountered that started with an 'e.'

In any case, my dad's first name is actually a big name in both our families but is relatively popular/doesn't start with an E. His middle name is Francis so we decided to try to work that in as the baby's middle name if it's a boy. For the first name, there was a name Jon kept coming back to that I was very, very 'meh' on. Finally, I decided to look it up on Nameberry to see its popularity rank and meaning.

Basically, as soon as I saw the meaning ("little fire") I was sold. We normally don't choose names based on the meaning but it just felt so right that I couldn't not. By this point, however, Jon had somewhat moved on from it, so it took a little bit of time for him to come back to it. If Baby Turkey is a boy, his name will be:

*it's come up already, so we are pronouncing it "ee-ghan"

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  1. What a beautiful name! Well done, mom and dad! :)

    (That's exactly how I pronounced it, too!)