Monday, August 1, 2016

baby turkey: girl name

Let me just start out by reiterating that if you are pregnant with your second child and think there's a possibility you may have another one down the road, do not choose a name for your second child that starts with the same letter as your first child's name. I don't care how much you love the name for your second or how little you care that your children's names will begin with the same letter. You will back yourselves into a corner for your third + fourth + etc. child and lament the day you chose your second's name.

So for the girl name, we knew we wanted it to start with an 'e.' We also knew we wanted to stick with the tradition of keeping the first name short since our last name is a bit of a (long) mouthful. Jon really wanted to pay homage to his mom if this baby is a girl (her name is Evelyn; she does not have a middle name). Finally, I knew I didn't want the name to be popular (as in: top 300 or on the list of "most popular baby names in 2016 so far").

For the longest time, our top pick was Elsie. However, Elsie popped up again and again on the predicted most popular baby girl names for 2016 so much to my chagrin we crossed that off the list. Jon kept pushing for Ethel but I just didn't dig it, and I believe there was a different name I was pushing for a girl that he wasn't getting on board with.

Eventually, he came around to one of my top names, especially because when we combined it with the proposed middle name it sounded very similar to Evelyn, and that's how we decided on Baby Turkey's girl name. So, without further adieu, I present...


  1. Beautiful name and I am sure grandma is/will be thrilled!

  2. Love it! Beautiful & short & sweet!

  3. That's a beautiful name. I work with someone named Etta and she's the sweetest girl and I think her name is so pretty!!

    1. Thank you!! I am really excited and I am definitely thinking this one might be a girl so I hope to use it..

  4. Oh, I absolutely adore Etta! It is so classic! <3