Monday, August 29, 2016

first day of preschool!

Today was Elden's first day of preschool. Before I get into specifics I wanted to back up to Thursday and recap what we've done in anticipation of school starting.

On Thursday we went to visit the school and meet his teacher. We spent about 15 minutes in the classroom with him and then waited outside for about ten minutes while he spent time just with his teacher. Edith was devastated by the separation. When the ten minutes were up, his teacher gave us a rave review and as we left the building he said excitedly, "my teacher wasn't even mean to me!"

Suffice to say, that short little visit did wonders for his anxiety.

In an effort to make his last weekend as a non-schoolchild super exciting, we packed the weekend with fun things. On Friday we went to the local kiddie park as a treat from my grandma. The kids had a blast and were so glad we got to go. On Saturday we spent the morning with Jon's parents. After nap time we went to the mall to play at the toy store and get ice cream. Elden devoured a vanilla cone and Edith preferred the free orange chicken samples that were being handed out by our table.

Sunday after quiet/nap time we ran to Target to get supplies for a poolside picnic. The pool in our neighborhood closes after next weekend so we have actually gone 4 times this week. Unfortunately, approximately half an hour after we finished eating it began to storm so we had to leave, but the kids handled it pretty well. We kept trying to hype up the fact that these were all preschool beginning celebrations to really drive home what a fun thing school would be.

This morning, much to our surprise, Elden woke up late at 6:30 and when he came into our room he was so excited when he realized today was the day. We had read him two different school-themed books (this one and this one) last night to help build it up. He requested chocolatey pancakes for breakfast and we happily obliged since we had leftovers from Sunday. That being said, I think he was too nervous/excited to eat and he just nibbled at it and had half a banana.

Then, pictures.

Trust me, there are a lot more than these three.

Typically our preschool does drop-off in a way that staff retrieves the child from your car, but for his first day we asked if we could walk him to his class and they told us absolutely. We arrived and walked him in and Elden stayed behind me. I knew he was nervous because in the car he said he was afraid there would be lots of bullies. Luckily, once we got to his locker, he seemed to get excited--especially because his teacher saw him and told him how happy she was he was there. That seemed to help his anxiety a bit because he gave me a big hug and started to head into the classroom without hugging Jon! We quickly pointed that out and he ran back to give Jon and Edith a hug. Then away he went as if he'd done this a million times before.

Once again, Edith was devastated. That being said, it didn't take long for her to realize she could play on the computer without being bossed around. We also broke our screen time rule and let her watch some Sesame Street music videos. So, I think she will be just fine. :)
spending some time as an only child
I took a half day at work so I could be there for pick up. Elden said he had a great day and even though the answer to 99% of our questions was "I don't know," I did gather the following from his day:
-he really liked it and no one was mean to him
-he didn't talk to anyone and no one talked to him (when we asked about making friends)
-he played with white Play-Doh
-he ate a snack of pretzels that "were shaped like a line!"
-he is excited to go back tomorrow
we survived!
I am so relieved that his first day went well. I didn't even cry! If he had been upset I absolutely would have been a mess, but since it didn't seem to phase him I was able to walk away feeling good about everything. I hope this trend continues the rest of the week.

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