Friday, August 12, 2016

five on friday (makeup edition)

I have never been happier to meet a Friday in my life. This has been a long work week and I am so excited to recharge this weekend with my favorite people.

My friend, Rebecca, is getting married in just over 3 (!!) weeks. I am super excited for her and I can't wait to stand up next to her as she begins the rest of her life with her fiance, Walt. She asked me if I would be willing to help her with her makeup the day of, so she found a wedding makeup Youtube tutorial and we had a go at it a few weeks back.

I sincerely doubted my abilities, you guys. I don't typically wear much makeup. I just don't have the energy or patience for it in the morning. But I told her we could try and if she hated it I wouldn't be offended. Much to probably both of our my surprise, I didn't stab her in the eye (except once maybe) and she liked it! I also learned a lot from that tutorial which piqued my interest in makeup again and so I experimented with what makeup I had on hand. And I realized two things:
1. I didn't really have the right makeup I needed to look bomb like the tutorial girl
2. Most of my makeup is older than my marriage (6.5 years).

Hashtag ew. So I decided to bite the bullet, order some new makeup with the input of my more makeup savvy friends, and toss my older-than-my-children junk. And I am in love!! Here is what I found that really seems to be working for me:

{1} Beauty Blender! The tutorial used this and we didn't have one on hand, but two of my girlfriends swore up and down that it makes a huge difference on foundation. Since it was only a few bucks I bit the bullet and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO USING JUST MY HANDS AGAIN. My foundation looks airbrushed and I look like an angel who descended from the heavens. If you are on the fence about this, I highly recommend getting one. I just get it a little damp, pump the foundation on the sponge, and dab dab dab away.

{2} Foundation: I needed new foundation since mine was so old, so I started by looking up reviews of drug store brands to find the best (but cheapest). These all seemed to fall into the $10-$13 range anyway, so when I stumbled upon this highly rated foundation I decided to try it. Combined with my blender, I love the way my complexion looks now!

{3} ColourPop Matte X Lippie Stix: My friend, Michelle, has been ColourPop obsessed for ages. When I checked out the site I couldn't believe the prices so I bit the bullet on two Matte X Lippie Stix (I got Cami and Barely There) at her recommendation. She said I should put chapstick on before applying the lipstick to help fill the lines on my lips and just serve as a base coat. Let me tell you: lipstick doesn't stay on my lips for more than an hour. But this stuff? This stuff is BOMB. It is a gorgeous matte look that seriously stays on and doesn't need reapplied all day. I'm not exaggerating. And for the price?! I will definitely be ordering more of these soon. I'm eyeballing Boa, Back Up and She Bad.

{4} ColourPop Eye Shadow: This is another item that seemed to be highly recommended, and I needed new eye shadow anyway, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I also loved this! It is way creamier than your traditional eye shadow (I got a free pallet of eye shadows with my Ulta order and I prefer the ColourPop ones five times over) and unlike other eye shadows I wear (I have been informed I have hooded eyes) this doesn't rub off in my creases by the end of the day! I definitely want to buy more of these, too. I'm hoping to get Envy, Coconut, and Shameless to counter the neutrals I ordered initially (Cornelious, Supermodel and To-A-T).

{5} ColourPop Blush: The blush I owned was probably the oldest item of my makeup so I decided to part with it. I needed a bit more on my order for free shipping at ColourPop so I opted to get Trickery. I was a little nervous that it would be too rose-y pink for me, but it is PERFECT. I just do two quick dabs of my blush brush and swipe it on my cheeks and voila! Perfectly flush looking cheeks.

So what do I look like after all of this? I feel weird taking face close-ups so this will have to suffice:
I believe in that photo I mixed the two Lippie Stix shades together to create that color. I was also using my e.l.f. black eyeliner on my top lid and this ColourPop brown one on my bottom. I'm not sure what the mascara is off the top of my head - I know it was just a drugstore brand that I had bought within the past few months so I didn't toss it with the rest of the makeup - and I also used this finishing spray from Ulta as a primer prior to applying my foundation. I am so excited to expand my ColourPop collection over the coming months so I can do more with my makeup!

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  1. You look beautiful. Awesome job on your makeup. I love the beautybleander. Just a little fyi: replace your mascara every 3 months, because it goes by your eyes and when you take the wand out your pumping air into the tube which can cause bacteria growth.