Wednesday, August 3, 2016


a few hours old
3 years and 364 days old
To my beloved first baby:

Today is your fourth birthday. You have been asking me since Sunday morning if "today's my birthday now?" and you insist that "next week I'll be five." You are easily one of the most stubborn children I have ever encountered, but I know this means that as you grow you are unlikely to succumb to peer pressure. You are so much more than that, though. Your imagination flourishes each day - just the other day your Sunday School teacher shared with me about how you were pretending to be a grasshopper in class and didn't want to tap the other kids on the shoulder as part of the class activity because "grasshoppers don't tap!" Listening to you over the monitor during quiet time is one of my favorite things because I get to hear the songs you make up, as well as the interactions you make between your toys (there are a lot of good versus bad guy battles and family dynamics).

You are the best big brother I have ever met. Edith drives you crazy and you sometimes get bossy with her, but at the end of the day you are fiercely protective of "MY sister" and help her when she needs it. You are also so excited about the new baby and ask to talk about what it will be like every single night. Sometimes in the morning you lift up my shirt to say hi to the baby without any prompting.

You are hilarious. Your big plans and the things you say have us cracking up daily. You have caught on to the fact that you are hilarious and often do something and quickly ask us, "am I so funny?"

You are so sensitive and curious. You have needed me a lot lately but the truth is I don't think you really need me, I think you know how much I love your cuddles so you are humoring me. You love climbing into bed for morning snuggling when you wake up and you seek my lap out throughout the day. You think your dad is just so fun (he is) and are constantly asking him to throw you/wrestle you/play with you. You want to know how everything works and why it works the way it does. You love to eat burgers, some of your favorite things are Lion Guard and anything related to bugs, and reading or playing in the sprinkler/splash pad/pool are some of your favorite activities. You have already begun planning your adult years (you will have two dogs "that stay little babies forever" and you will live in Delaware) but promise me that you will still hug and kiss me when you're big. I am so excited to see the boy you are turning into and I know that you are going to do big things with your life.

We love you so much, so far beyond comprehension, and I pray that you know that.

All our love.
Mom and Dad

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