Thursday, August 4, 2016

how we celebrated.

On Tuesday night once the kids were in bed, I ran out to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few balloons and a card for Elden. I also ended up picking him up a bag of gumballs and both kids a little grow-in-water animal for their baths on Wednesday. 

Yesterday morning, I set my alarm early so I could run to Dunkin Donuts. Elden made this much easier on me by waking up at 5:30 and calling me in so I could hold his hand (part of his waking up all night phase he's been going through lately). After a few minutes of that, I left to get ready and head to DD.

I got home about 5 minutes before his clock turned green. At 6:15 on the nose, we heard him rustling and come running down to our room. When we wished him happy birthday he said to us, "that sure was a loooong sleep!" (he knew Tuesday night when he was done sleeping it would be his birthday so I suspect he had an excitedly restless night) but was a little too overwhelmed to open his gift that we had on my nightstand. We decided to head down for his special birthday breakfast instead.

Once downstairs, we lit a candle on his donut and he blew it out. He was way too excited to eat though, so he decided to play with his balloons a little.
This was actually the second time we lit it since he blew it out before I could get my camera out...
Next came his gift--which he absolutely loved and immediately requested I retrieve his other animals--followed by his card and then finally his breakfast (with some brief stoppage to play with the balloons).
For his birthday, Jon and I decided to get him this hippo and this cheetah. Elden's favorite toys the past few months have been these large plastic animals that used to be Jon's when he was a kid, and we think a lot of this love has to do with Elden's love for Lion Guard. His collection already had a lion, crocodile, elephant and tiger, and Elden specifically requested a hippo and a cheetah.

I cannot tell you how awesome these two things are. We really looked them over Tuesday night and the details are amazing--the cheetah has raised pads on its paws and the hippo's mouth looks wet--so I suspect we will be buying more Safari Ltd. animals in the future (next on the list will likely be this and this.)
The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. I had to go into work so we told Elden we would do more celebrating when I am off on Friday. Both kids have dentist appointments tomorrow, then we told Elden we would take him to McDonald's for a Happy Meal (his favorite) and to play in the play place. His party is on Saturday and he is so excited for it. This was definitely the most excited he's been for a birthday so far and his joy was both palpable and contagious. He shared one of his balloons with Edith (she was beyond thrilled) and spent a lot of the morning running around in excitement. We can't wait to celebrate him more this weekend!

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