Sunday, August 28, 2016

to my oldest, on preschool eve

Dear Elden,

Tomorrow you start preschool. You would think I would be ready for this since you started daycare at just six weeks old, but this is different. You are aware of being away from us now and time is a very tangible thing to you. You have emotions and opinions and fears and the thought of sending you out into the world on your own has me reeling. But I'm doing my best to not let it show. 

As you embark on this journey towards an education, my greatest hope for you is that you will love your peers. I don't care if you can write your name by the end of the year or if you can count to twenty or recite the alphabet. What I desire for you is to exemplify the relentless and unconditional love of Christ. That you would be a beacon of light in a world that is much darker than I hope you ever realize. Sure, I hope you ultimately excel at academics - mostly because that would make your life somewhat easier in the long term - but at the end of the day, that doesn't really matter. 

My son, I am so proud of the person you are becoming. I see the empathy streak across your face when someone is sad. I see the way you get upset when someone else is being yelled at. I see the way you nurture your sister and are constantly asking me about your unborn sibling. If anyone can handle the charge to love others - regardless of race, religion, language, political stance - it is you. Don't you ever lose that.

I love you and I am so proud to be called your mama.

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