Tuesday, September 27, 2016

baby turkey's nursery

One of the major perks to our house when we bought it was how move-in ready it was. Since our first home was a foreclosure we spent the last 3 months of my pregnancy with Elden working our tails off to make it livable. All the paint colors in our new house were inoffensive and therefore I knew I could move in without doing anything right away.

We put Edith in the room closest to ours. An added bonus was the fact that the color was a very light teal and complemented the woodland green theme we had going in her room from the old house. Now that we've moved her into her big girl flamingo room, we decided to slight revamp the nursery for Baby Turkey. We largely kept everything the same as it was with Edith - so that certainly made life easier.

Looking in from the doorway: 
The shared wall with Elden's room (we may regret this placement when the baby cries at night...)
The closet and window:
Looking back towards the doorway (forgive the nighttime lighting):
The nursery is the smallest bedroom in the house and Edith's is the biggest (after the master) so we are kind of hoping BT is an Etta so we can room the girls together as they get older. Plus, we still greatly desire to foster/adopt eventually so we would pretty much have to room at least two kids together to make that happen.

I'm really happy with the nursery. I don't know if it's the nesting part of me or the fact that we actually took the time to clean and organize this room for more than five minutes, but something about it just made our house feel homier. I find myself rocking in the dark silence I'm there at night, completely dumbfounded by how grown up Jon and I are now. 

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