Thursday, September 29, 2016

edith's big girl room

A few months ago we mostly finished Edith's new room. Since we hadn't painted anything upstairs in our house we figured it would be easiest to move one of the kids into what was the playroom so we could overhaul a few bedrooms at once. Elden insisted that he did not want to leave his room (or his furniture, despite our insistence that it would move into a new room with him) so Edith got dibs on the big one.

She chose pink and since her favorite animal is a flamingo we decided to go with that theme.

Looking in from the doorway.
We bought that IKEA wardrobe years ago - we now use it as a dresser with milk crates inside.
Looking towards the hall - the humidifier got moved outside for the photoshoot.
Flamingo painting my mom made for her.
Painting I made for her.
The kids love playing on the big flamingo bed.
Nightstand and table lamp. I'll have to get a picture in the daylight because I love this piece of furniture.
Almost everything in this room was furniture we had already, spare the nightstand (which we got on a local Facebook buy page for $30). The headboard was Jon's as a teenager/in Chicago. The mattress was in my parent's guest room. The bookshelf was my sisters, the TV stand was a wedding gift we received and we bought the wardrobe to accommodate all of Jon's fancy clothes. Edith likes her room a lot and the kids have played with their play kitchen infinitely more since we moved the rest of the toys to our basement. I'm hopeful that the room will grow with her - hopefully until she is a teenager - so I can avoid having to do any painting in there for a long while.

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