Wednesday, September 14, 2016

fall & christmas crafts

I've been craving fall much like I crave Kit Kats so a few months ago I started brainstorming some crafts with my mom and sister. Knowing I wouldn't be up for it once this baby arrives, we decided to set a date for September. We came up with a list of crafts that we liked and divided up the supplies we'd need. I was primarily in charge of the wood materials because we had cut down two trees in the backyard earlier this year and I have wood aplenty. You'll notice we chose very simple/straightforward items to do (for the most part) and I am really happy about it:
I followed the tutorial here. We have a friend at church with a wood mill who cut the angled face for us. Then we literally painted some red, some white, hot glued/wood glued a little wooden nose, and used the back of a paintbrush to make the eyes. So easy and cute!
For this one we admittedly just looked at the pictures and copied it with hot glue and an Exacto knife. I skipped the bells because they were just too tiny to work with. Mine are admittedly not as cute as the ones in that picture but they are adorable in their own quirky way.
I can't find the link that inspired this one, but it was a very easy DIY. I got the letters from Hobby Lobby and painted them red. The wood was actually from an old fence and I just laid the letters out to get approximate size, cut the wood, and then ran two strips of wood on the top and bottom across the back to nail it together. Once the letters were painted I used wood glue to attach. This will look great on our porch this December!

Finally, we made some wood slice pumpkins. This was an easy one - sliced the log into thin slices (again, our friend from church cut these for us), paint them orange, and use wood glue to attach "stems." For our stems we used other scrap wood I had lying around. My mom bought some leaves for us to hot glue onto them as well, and I had picked up some other foliage from a yard sale to use on a few others. This was a very simple and quick project!

We also made something I won't share on here just yet as it will be a Christmas gift for a lot of our family members. In addition, I got some wooden picture frames from a few garage sales and spray painted them various colors for our mantle for the fall and winter seasons. I'm not thrilled with how they turned out because it was a windy day and the tablecloth blew onto them to make a smudged pattern, but it is what it is. Finally, we attempted to make these but the drill bit we had just wasn't strong enough and wasn't doing the trick so we'll have to run to Home Depot to get the heavier duty one to drill out the hole. It was a really fun day and while I have aspirations to make a sign for our front door for fall I'm not sure that I'll get around to it any time soon. The last lingering project I need to take care of is a stocking for Baby Turkey, but until I know this kiddo's name I'll just have to wait on that.

What are your favorite fall/Christmas DIYs you've done?

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