Friday, September 23, 2016

five on friday: house projects

Nesting is in full force in Casa de Flip as of last night. Luckily for us, Jon's parents volunteered to take the kiddos for most of the day tomorrow because we realized we only have about a month and a half left before Baby Turkey makes his or her debut and we are not prepared.

It's ambitious, but here is what I'm hoping to tackle on Saturday:

{1} Install storm door. This is going to be a big one since we've never done such a thing before. Our front door is very drafty in the winter (so I can only imagine how much air conditioning leaks out in the summer). We also have no way of airing out the first floor of our house from the front because our huge bay windows do not open. We decided to go with this door after reading the reviews and seeing it in person. It has a huge retractable screen - which I love - and the latch for the screen feels sturdy.

{2} Replace toilet in Elden and Edith's bathroom. About a year ago we bought a toilet for the main floor half bath because it broke. We realized that all three toilets in our house were probably original (1980) and total water hogs. In our town, water/sewer bills are outrageous (we pay about $115/month for both and we hardly use much) so we decided to buy all three toilets with the intention of knocking the installs out in the same weekend. Life had other plans and after the half bath install required multiple trips to the store for plumbing components we decided not to do the other two. Eventually the master toilet broke so we replaced that - which was also a nightmare. The kids' toilet is the last one and probably the worst water hog in the house so I told Jon we need to tackle it now because with our luck it's going to break the day we come home from the hospital with a newborn. Luckily we've looked at the valve on this one and don't think we will have similar issues as the other two... we hope.

{3} Hang a shelf and curtain rod in the nursery. In both nurseries in the old house we used a trusty IKEA shelf with a bar light underneath above the changing table. It gave off the perfect amount of light for middle of the night diaper changes. Since Edith was almost 1 when we moved into our current house we never got around to hanging this shelf. Now that we will have a newborn again it is a necessity. You can see it in Elden's nursery reveal here and Edith's nursery reveal here. In addition to getting the shelf and a new curtain rod hung, I also hope to shampoo the carpet in there and have Jon convert the toddler bed back to a crib/raise the mattress up. Once that's done I really just have to put things away. I already washed all the baby clothes we had so that isn't on my list. 

{4} Buffet makeover. Okay, so this is admittedly not going to happen tomorrow because I haven't even ordered the contact paper, but we have a really awesome mid-century looking buffet (parden the horrendous picture - our bedroom does not have good lighting) in our room from Jon's parents. The doors/sides are in excellent condition but the veneer on the sides of the top piece is missing. I've seen reviews here and there of people who have used this contact paper for a variety of applications (seriously, click the link above and look at the customer images - amazing!) and depending on how easy it is to work with I may ultimately buy more to redo our outdated bathroom vanities.

{5} General cleaning / nesting. Last night I was definitely hit by the nesting bug. As I lie in bed I was thinking of all the clutter over every freaking surface in my room and I couldn't handle it. I immediately got to work and cleaned (i.e. shoved stuff into drawers - a temporary solution for a larger material problem we seem to have and need to address) off surfaces and dusted. That's when my mind wandered to the marble buffet top and when I realized I couldn't do a project right that instant and I stumbled upon some globe lights I had intended to hang on our back deck this summer but never got around to. I mentioned our bedroom has a horrible lighting situation. So I made this temporary solution. I didn't bother measuring, nor did I make my bed for this photo. This is me living naked, y'all. It gives off a really dreamy glow and Elden loved it this morning. Edith, on the other hand, was not impressed and kept saying, "don't like it! Turn off!" so one thumb up, I guess.

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  1. That is one ambitious list!!! You can do it!! have a great weekend:) gg