Friday, September 30, 2016

five on friday

{1} First ER Visit: I got a text from Jon that he was worried Edith broke her arm on Wednesday. I rushed home and took her to the ER. He had been lying on his back and she was standing on his chest so he was holding her by the wrists so she wouldn't fall. She flung herself backwards and he heard a crack and she started screaming. Then she wouldn't move it at all and was intermittently crying - very unlike her. I took her to the ER and when I got her out of the car I had to manipulate her arm to get it out of the car seat straps. I tried to be gentle but she screamed her head off and I felt awful. Even when they triaged her she said "it hurts" and pointed to her wrist. Well, as soon as we were in a room Edith made a miraculous recovery - leaning back and putting all her weight on that arm as she watched TV. They diagnosed it as nursemaid's elbow (something I also had as a child) and said I probably popped it back into place when I moved her to get her out of her car seat. They also said she is more susceptible to get it again now that she's experienced it once, and given how many times I popped my elbow out of place as a kid I know it's just a matter of time until it happens again...

{2} Since we are on a tight budget, I have been actively Christmas shopping for a few months now. Once of my biggest stumbling blocks is stockings--finding stocking stuffers within our price range ($10/child) to give them more bang for our buck is challenging. I think I am going to write a blog post on this because every "cheap stocking stuffer" post I've found has stuffers that start at $5-$6 a piece. I just ordered these Transformers tattoos with some of the baby stuff we needed and I'm really excited - each big kid loves both tattoos and Transformers and will be getting 2 sheets in their stockings for a total of $1/stocking!

{3} Clip-on earrings. Jon has wanted to get Edith clip-on earrings for ages but I haven't been in a rush because a) those things hurt and b) I figured Edith could care less. Well, they went to a few garage sales while Elden was at school yesterday and Jon found some for Edith. He claims she loved them and left them on for a while. I don't like it for one second because she looks much older now.

{4} Baby surprises. Yesterday at work my boss told me to put my steel toed shoes on because there was a problem with one of my orders on the floor. He wouldn't give me more info and was moving with urgency so I got really nervous. I came out to the floor and saw everyone I work with so naturally my mind went to a) it's a REALLY BIG PROBLEM and b) I am about to be fired. Just kidding! They all yelled surprise. It was a ploy. They got pink and blue cupcakes to celebrate the baby (I chose pink since I think it's a girl) and gave me a really nice card and a Target gift card. I have been fortunate to find a job with people I really like and I am so grateful for it.

{5} Baby items. We finally bought the things we still needed to get for BT this past week! We got this sound machine, this baby monitor (we returned the video monitor we got on Amazon Prime Day because we weren't too knocked out about it), and a replacement battery for our beloved Snuza. We already had a pretty solid diaper stash (we would buy boxes throughout the pregnancy whenever there was a really good sale) and bought more of our favorite baby wipes. We also needed to buy some baby clothes (we apparently had very few gender neutral pants and long sleeve onesies in size newborn) so I got those from Target when they were running a 20% sale. Not so much a baby item, but I also picked up a few postpartum necessities (adult diapers - no joke - these are bomb for postpartum bleeding, these reusable nursing pads, these storage bags, nipple cream, and this spray). The only big thing we have left is a breast pump, but my insurance is covering that and will mail it to me one month from my due date. This time around I actually had a choice - and I decided on the Spectra S2 - because I have friends who have Spectras and said they blew the Medela Pump-in-Style (what I had with Edith) out of the water. I'm really excited about this new pump because I loathed the Medela I had last go around and they don't make the pump I had with Elden anymore. Between these purchases and our nursery complete I just need to pack our hospital bags and get the infant seat in the van and we can bring a baby home!


  1. Sounds like you are practically ready for the baby! How exciting!!

  2. I had nursemaid's elbow when I was little too! What a bummer that happened but I'm glad that she is okay! She looks so fashionable with those earrings! :)

    1. I had totally forgotten about my own - and since she had been pointing to her wrist it hadn't even come to mind! I talked to a few others who have had it as well. I guess it's more common than I realized :)