Monday, September 12, 2016

ten on ten

I put all sorts of pressure on myself to make my 1000th post a big one. That made me not want to write anything at all. Since it's been over a year since I did a 10 on 10, I figured this would be a good way to both meet and miss my expectations for myself...
If the kids wake up at their "normal" time of 6:15 on a weekday, that leaves me a few minutes for morning cuddles. Since the 10th fell on a Saturday this month their wake up time didn't matter. I started out my day with cuddles in our bed.
I had run to Target on Friday for boneless wings and the pumpkin spice frappucino that was supposedly in stock per their website. There were none. I was sad. I had to fill the void somehow. I picked up a 4-pack of the vanilla and had one with my breakfast Saturday morning. It made a great accompaniment to Jon's from-scratch chocolatey pancakes (which Elden specifically requested on this morning).
Restaurant has been a BIG game around here lately. Both kids will take our orders and bring us imaginary food.
When we get ready for the day we usually let the kids run amok upstairs. This often involves toys and books showing up on our bed. It may be slightly annoying to pick these things up but it is a sweet reminder that our kiddos love being near us even during the most mundane tasks.
Garage sales! It turned out that a wealthier community near ours was having their community garage sale that day. We wanted to go for a few reasons: 1) we need newborn pants, 2) both our kids (moreso Elden) are OBSESSED with transformers - and do you know how expensive those things are?! - and 3) with all the unexpected expenses we've had lately Jon has been trying to resell some items he finds for a bargain on ebay so he wanted to see if there was anything worthwhile. While we struck out on 1 and 3, both kids got a new transformer out of the deal. When we were all done for the day, Elden exclaimed "I LOVE garage sales!" #raisethemright
 For lunch I made a buffalo wing salad. It was so good and definitely hit the spot.
My sister and mom came over to work on our fall and Christmas crafts since we will have limited capacity to do so come early November. My mom brought the kids this sticker book and Elden was super into it--he even declined playing on my mom's iPad so he could continue making faces.
This was the first craft I did - so easy and I love how it turned out! Keep your eyes open for the quick recaps of how I did these.
Santa logs! I didn't notice that my middle Santa has a bit of a Scarface vibe to it until I took this picture.
My mom brought over my favorite soup so I ended up having that for dinner on Saturday night. I know we ran somewhere after dinner although it currently escapes me. We got the kids to bed and Jon headed off to his parent's because they ordered the fights that night. He didn't get home until after 1 and since I was alone with the kids I didn't fall asleep until close to midnight. Then the kids collectively woke up about 8 times that night and started their day before 6 so it ended up being a very rough evening (and Sunday). Thankfully they redeemed themselves last night and we all woke up relatively rested!


I knew I could talk but I never thought I'd have written one thousand posts here when I started this over five years ago. It's been fun documenting our journey through life and while we have done so clumsily I am grateful for a space that has introduced me to many friends that I otherwise would have never connected with. If you read this blog and reach out to us to ask how we are doing - thank you. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

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