Tuesday, September 20, 2016

tuesday randoms

Today I am a day over 33 weeks pregnant and only 47 days away from my due date.

That's not very much time. As if the ticking clock couldn't grow any louder, I spent the better part of three hours last night sporadically timing contractions. They were coming every 3.5-4 minutes but lasting anywhere from 30-90 seconds, so I was pretty sure that I wasn't going into preterm labor. In fact, I specifically did not call my OB as instructed because I knew he would be obligated to tell me to go in for monitoring and I really did not want to if it was indeed Braxton Hicks, as I had suspected. I told Jon that if they got more consistent or woke me up during the night I would absolutely go in. Neither of those things happened and I haven't had any this morning.


I realized I haven't really given an update about how Elden is adjusting to preschool. The short of it is: he loves it, but he is definitely ready for his break once it ends for the week. He isn't exactly full of information (although he has learned we regularly ask the same questions - did you talk to anyone / did you do anything special (they rotate art, gym and music class every day) / what did you eat for snack), so he has been coming home more prepared to answer those questions. Yet he leaves out the really juicy stuff? Like, we found out from his teacher's weekly newsletter that they played on scooter boards last week--a detail he left out despite it being easily the highlight of his day--but he did tell us that he told his friend he "yawned and that I was tired and that I was hungry." Usually he says he doesn't speak to any kids. In fact, he told me that he "only talks to adults because I have lots of important things to do and only adults can help me." Suffice to say, I helicopter parented and emailed his teacher to see how he was doing and her report was that he was shy at first but seems to have warmed up and interacts appropriately with the teachers/other kids. We haven't decided whether we will send him to kindergarten next year or do another year of preschool. He will be old enough to attend kindergarten but will be one of the youngest in his class if we do so; we are planning on meeting with his teacher to get her recommendation at the end of the school year.

Edith has also adjusted well--she no longer cries during drop off and I think she is starting to appreciate that alone time with Jon. He usually lets her play Endless Alphabet on the tablet for about 15 minutes then they run errands and/or go to the playground or pond before picking Elden up. 


I tried a new recipe this weekend that I just had to share. It is gluten-free quinoa and cauliflower chowder and it was SO GOOD. Whenever I make a new vegetarian dish for Jon it really is a gamble as to whether I will like it (Jon usually does, or at least humors me and says he does). This one knocked it out of the park. It was flavorful, healthy, hearty and easy to make. This will definitely be added into our regular rotation of meals. I will probably even make some to freeze before the baby comes.


We're getting pretty darn excited about the holidays over here. This weekend we picked up a few Halloween decorations for the house, including this guy (which Elden insisted we take down a day after hanging because he wanted to cuddle it...). I also got the kids two Halloween books--this one and this one. Since our current littlest is a total Llama Llama enthusiast, I also picked up this Christmas book and this one to help us get in the festive mood in December. I picked up Edith's flamingo costume from Ebay and Elden has changed his mind and decided to be a skeleton. I was originally going to make both costumes but when I saw the cost of the clothes and supplies I would need to do so for each kiddo I realized it was actually more inexpensive to just buy them. I'm hoping Elden's will be big enough for us to layer long underwear underneath since the end of October in Ohio is chilly, so there is a chance we may need to return them and go back to the drawing board.

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