Monday, September 26, 2016

weekend recap

What a weekend!

On Friday I had a phone meeting right when I got home from work. By the time that was over Jon had dinner made and the kids had been fed already so I scrambled to eat while cleaning because Jon's parents were coming by. Jon and his dad had to run to Home Depot to get our new storm door and Jon's mom kept the kids busy so I could really clean the dining and formal living areas. Once Jon got home we did bedtimes and got the kids to sleep.

Saturday was the big chore day so we took the kids to my in-laws' at 9. As soon as we dropped them off we had to run to both USPS and FedEx to mail some packages. We got home and got started around 10. Our first task was to hang the shelf in the baby's room. That went up in about fifteen minutes and Jon made a comment about what great time we were making.

I told him not to jinx us.

He moved on to installing our storm door while I shampooed the carpet in the nursery and put things away. I also converted the crib back from a toddler bed and raised the mattress. I'm hoping to share finished pictures of the nursery tomorrow. I am so happy with the room (not that we had to do much with it since it was Edith's nursery when we moved) and it feels a lot more real now that in about 6 weeks we will have a new family member living there.

After I finished in the nursery I remembered we had an old over-the-door mirror (similar to this) from our old house that we never hung up at this house because we didn't need it. I had wanted to put a mirror over the storage buffet in our room and had been keeping my eye out for deals, but since we are on a pretty tight budget I hadn't bought anything. I decided to try it out so I unscrewed the hooks and nailed two hanging brackets on the back. Then I got to work hanging it on the wall.

Seven (ahem who needs a level/measuring tape?) nail holes later and I was very happy with the outcome!
It actually works really well with the space and you can't beat the price tag!

After the mirror was hung I had to run to Home Depot again to get Jon a chisel for the door and get lunch. Did you know that at Taco Bell you can sub black beans for meat for free? It's basically the only fast food a vegetarian can eat - and it makes for one very happy husband. 

After lunch, Jon was still installing the storm door so I decided to shampoo our bedroom and the upstairs hallway carpets. I had already done both kids' rooms when we repainted them a few months ago so these were the remaining upstairs areas that needed it. After that was finished we were running out of time before we had to get Elden and Edith so I decided to (secretly) start removing the old toilet. I knew if Jon knew what I was up to he wouldn't be happy. Unfortunately for me, I was having serious issues getting that sucker out and couldn't find the tools I needed so I had to blow my cover fast, but after six years of marriage I think Jon realized there is no stopping me when I want to accomplish something and not to waste his energy fighting me. I finally got the toilet out about half an hour after I started, at which point Jon was basically done with the door. He took over installing the replacement while I cleaned up outside. Then I deep cleaned the kids' bathroom and it was time to shower and head over to get our babies!
sayonara, ugly water hog toilet!
I learned a few critical lessons on Saturday:
1. You can accomplish unfathomable lists when your children are not present.
2. I do not know how plumbers with very large stomachs do their jobs.
3. Car rides sans children are incredibly peaceful.
4. If you are nearly 34 weeks pregnant, doing a large list of household chores is not advisable. You will feel it later.

On Sunday morning both kids woke up with sniffles so I decided to skip church with them while Jon led worship. We ended up going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, then to the store to pick up the ingredients for our meals this week. Once we got home I cooked the Pioneer Woman's Macaroni and Cheese, creamy chicken and wild rice slow cooker soup, and I plan on making slow cooker enchilada quinoa later this week. Other than that the day was mostly spent trying to take it easy since I was in a lot of pain. It was a productive weekend and I finally feel ready to have this baby. 

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