Tuesday, October 25, 2016

baby turkey update

On Friday my doctor ordered an ultrasound to check my fluid levels since I had to be induced with both Elden and Edith due to oligohydramnios. That being said, the ultrasounds I had that discovered the oligo were performed at 39+6 with both kids whereas this one was being performed at 37+4, so I really didn't expect to have low fluid levels. My doctor also advised me the standards for low fluids had changed and it was very rare for someone to meet the new standards.

The great news is I had plenty of fluid - 12.5 cm - with the new oligo standard being somewhere around 2 cm I believe. Baby is head down, facing my back, and measuring a staggering 7 lb 9 oz. This is pretty much the best picture we got:
 ...which wasn't unexpected since things are so smashed in there.

I also found out the weird right side pain I've been having is an elbow jabbing me whenever baby darn well pleases. Baby's head size is in the 50th percentile and the abdomen size is somewhere in the upper 70's... so I'm hoping I don't deliver a ten-pounder.

At my follow-up appointment, my doctor informed me he will be out of town November 5-9. I am due November 7. The other OB that used to share the practice left when I was pregnant with Edith, so if I have this baby between 11/5-11/9, a random doctor I've never met will be delivering BT. Needless to say - I am in full blown eviction mode. Squats, dancing, other things. I am still (unsurprisingly, given my penchant for not dilating with the other two) sitting solidly at a 0 cm dilated. My OB claims my cervix is indeed starting to soften but I'm pretty sure he just feels sorry for me. Please spare me the lecture of "baby will come when baby is ready" - I understand this notion. If I thought my body could go into labor on its own or that labor was imminent I wouldn't be doing anything to encourage the process. But the reality is I really want to experience going into labor on my own, and I haven't been driving to an OB 45 minutes away my entire pregnancy just to have some random doctor deliver my last kid. Obviously baby will come when he or she is ready and I am not doing anything that could potentially hurt the baby. So just let me live my life.

I will never be desperate enough for castor oil, but if you have any tips or recipes or magic secrets to make this baby come no later than November 4, I would really appreciate it.

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