Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY marble contact paper buffet

I had been stalking the internet for weeks reviewing tutorials that involved marble contact paper and furniture makeovers. Jon's parents gave us an old buffet from their house that we really love. The only problem with it is the veneer had pulled off a lot of the sides of the tabletop portion. I had originally planned on staining or painting it (or tearing off the top portion entirely and replacing it) but fell in love with both the apparent ease of the faux marble top and the look.

I ordered this contact paper from Amazon and on Thursday night Jon and I knocked it out in about 30 minutes. Essentially, we wiped down the table top with a wet wash cloth and let it air dry. Then we discussed plan of attack - we ultimately decided to do the four sides first with a slight overlap on the top/underside. We knew there would be a slight mark where the overlap existed but figured this would be one of the easiest/cleanest methods and since we keep the buffet in our room it didn't have to look perfect. After the four sides were cut we slowly peeled the backing off and used a Costco card to push the air bubbles out as we went. Once the four sides were done we repeated the process on the top.
You can see how it's lighter on the front side of the top - that is where the veneer was missing.

I had to buy 2 rolls of the contact paper to ensure enough coverage for this, but for $18 total I'd say it was a pretty cheap/easy DIY project. It definitely helped having two sets of hands on it to hold the other end in place while your partner pulled the backing off and smoothed down the contact paper as they went. I may eventually get a dark gel stain for the rest of the piece, but for now I am really happy with how this turned out. I'm already scouring my house for pieces I can do this to with our scraps!

P.S. One day I will take pictures that don't look like they're from a Gen 1 iPhone. The bedrooms don't get great natural lighting as it is, and since it's getting darker here earlier and they also don't have ceiling lights, the lighting is never conducive to a good picture. One day I hope to add light fixtures but for now it just isn't in the budget!

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