Friday, October 7, 2016

five on friday

Linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika!

{1} If I had to choose a theme food for this pregnancy, it would absolutely be doughnuts. They are my love language and also the reason my scale has been screaming at me when I step on it. A few of the sales guys at work have figured out that doughnuts are my kryptonite. I have been brought doughnuts no less than three times this week. One even subtly slid the box towards me as he said, "so I have an order I would really like to go out this month..."

{2} I started packing the hospital bag on Wednesday night (!!). Since I am all kinds of scatter brained, I decided to write out a list of what I still have to pack. I also need to go back and reevaluate what I have already packed because I'm 90% sure I can get rid of a few items. I am a notorious over-packer and need an intervention. (do you see anything I forgot!?)

{3} The customer images on these Hatch 'Ems eggs are my favorite. When we had been perusing Zulily for stocking stuffers we came upon this and thought it seemed like a great idea, so we consulted with Amazon for customer reviews. And proceeded to nearly pee ourselves from laughter at the uploaded customer images. Suffice to say, into our cart they did not go. 

{4} Our Christmas shopping for the kids is essentially done! Thanks to some strategic planning and awesome freaking sales at Target, we got Edith this (for less than $20!) and the baby this (for $15!). Elden's big gift was bought through Zulily. We are looking for one smaller item from Santa for Elden, but I am hoping to get some Lego Duplos secondhand for that.

{5} At the beginning of preschool, I sent in this free printable to the teacher and assistants in Elden's classroom. They filled them out and I now know that one of the assistants' birthdays is this Monday and her favorite candy is Reese's Pumpkins. I wanted to do a little something for her for her birthday, so I made her a little card and am sending it in with the pumpkins. I plan on doing something like this with all the teachers. I am going to use other info from the printable so I know what to get them for Christmas (and eventually teacher appreciation) as well! I love knowing I'm sending in a little surprise that they'll really enjoy. Feel free to steal the birthday card I made for your own use!


  1. Visiting from the link up! Love that people have started bringing you donuts when they ask for favours! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Just popping in from the link up. I love donuts, too. So sweet of them to be bringing you some! Hope you are having a terrific weekend!

  3. That's so funny about the donuts! You're awesome for almost being finished with Christmas shopping! I need some motivation like that!