Friday, October 28, 2016

five on friday

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{1} OB Triage. Well, I made it to 38.5 weeks of this pregnancy before I inevitably went in for some monitoring of Baby Turkey. Ever since Monday the baby has been passing its kick counts but just not like it usually does. I had an appointment on Tuesday and my doctor said that if I notice drastic changes in movements, regardless of the passing of kick counts, to let him know. That was the case yesterday morning so he sent me in. I felt somewhat vindicated in going (for once!) because even though the baby's heart rate looked good, they weren't happy with its movements. They went to get me juice and brought out a buzzer that they held next to my stomach and blasted a buzzing noise against it. The first time the baby didn't respond and I suggested it was because it has two very loud siblings at home and was used to the chaos. The second blast it responded a bit but I guess they were happy with it because after a quick ultrasound to check my fluid levels again (I went from 12.5 to 8 cm in 6 days; I'm going to ask my doctor about another follow-up ultrasound next week) I was sent on my way. I'm glad all looks well and being there really made reality sink in that this is happening soon!

{2} Homemade vanilla extract. I had read about this a while back and really wanted to try it! We figured it would be a better quality than what we buy off the shelf for less money. Plus, if it worked out we would be able to make smaller bottles as gifts in the future. We got vanilla beans from Costco and rum from the grocery store. The bottle I used for the mixture is from TJ Maxx. I sanitized the bottle, sliced the beans lengthwise (and then cut the halves into smaller sections), and poured the rum over it. Now it has to sit in our dark pantry for 4-6 months...

{3} French Silk pie. I have been hankering for Baker's Square pie for weeks. We needed to pick the baby up a monitor so we were at a store not far from Baker's Square and I finally got my fix!

{4} Small group. We had a Halloween party with our small group this week and dressed the kiddos up. Elden has (naturally) abandoned his skeleton dreams in lieu of the Gold Power Ranger and Edith couldn't be bothered with her flamingo costume, electing a little bat number from H&M instead. So grateful for the friendships we've forged with these folks.

{5} Sibling friendship. A lot of the time these two are at it - fighting over toys or affection. Sometimes, though, they find common ground and play beautifully together. And when that happens I'm going to document it so that I don't forget it--because a lot of our days are spent mediating arguments that we don't fully understand.

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  1. Happy Friday! Glad everything is ok with you and the baby. I always got so nervous and worried about every little kick or movement up until the very end. I still worry about them now even though they're here and no longer babies. I'm sure all moms can relate to that. Best of luck in the home stretch! Beautifully Candid