Tuesday, October 18, 2016

front door refresh

When we first bought our house it was definitely move-in ready and really updated compared to others we looked at (for more money, no less!) in our price range. That being said, there are a few features of it that I've never been crazy about. One of the things I really dislike about our house is the exterior. The siding is almost a greenish beige (...or some ugly shade of beige; I can't put my finger on it), the shutters are jet black and the front door was an ugly deep red:

Obviously painting or re-siding the house would be an expensive task. At this point in time that is the lowest on my priority list. The shutters are whatever - I don't like them but I can live with them. The front door, however, was an easy enough project that I could tackle myself... at 37 weeks pregnant... on the cheap.

We landed on Behr Cool Mint and decided to buy sample sizes of it since we didn't need a quart of paint. Since we were going from dark to extremely light, we bought 2 samples at just under $5/each. We probably could have gotten away with one sample and done this project for $5, but better safe than sorry.

And you guys? I squeal like a child on Christmas every time I see my front door now:
Now that we have a light front door I'm really not feeling the shutters. I was perusing the net for inspiration and stumbled across this swatch:
I'm thinking we'll probably try to find a grey that works with the siding and door colors. This will certainly be a next year project since the weather is already cool in Ohio, so that gives me plenty of time to find the perfect shade of grey! It only took me about an hour to paint the door and for $10 I'd definitely say this is a DIY project everyone should consider!

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  1. Great effort Danielle. Painted door looks superb in entrance way, but the sometimes folks confusing in color choice.

    1. Not sure what you mean by "the sometimes folks confusing in color choice" - if you're saying you have no idea why we would choose such a color I have no answer other than we liked it! :)