Tuesday, October 4, 2016

pumpkin crafting

The kids--especially Elden--are at an age where they really enjoy doing crafts. When we painted pumpkins at our fall party, Elden was ecstatic. In fact, the entire time we were eating he kept asking me whether it was time to paint 'punkins' yet. When we were at Target over the weekend, we saw these cute stickers in the Dollar Spot for pumpkins that the kids fell in love with, so we picked them up. Elden wanted to decorate his pumpkin with these stickers from the second he woke up on Sunday, but we were able to hold him off until after lunch.
I would definitely recommend these stickers - they were easy for the kids to apply and they had a blast doing it. 

Elden is asking to go to another farm to pick out another pumpkin that we "can cut holes in and touch the yucky stuff inside," so it looks like that is in our near future...

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